Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs & What you need to know!

To have a successful shopping Experience with us, follow these few helpful tips!

What you need to know before placing your order:

ALL PRICES ARE IN USD: the exchange rate helps cover our cost of PayPal fees, Website cost, Ravelry fees etc.

We would like to make a few helpful suggestions to ensure a happy shopping experience with us!

  • You can shop through our site adding each pattern you would like to purchase to your cart, depending on which device you are shopping from you can either click "continue shopping" and it will bring you back to the page you were just on OR you can choose between the open tabs to go from cart to store. Once finished you can view cart and make any changes and then proceed to checkout.

  • Please put in your address book, to help ensure delivery of your patterns. That way they won't get sent to your bulk/junk folder, and that attachments are not blocked.

  • We receive order notifications through Pay Pal and patterns will be sent to the address supplied by Pay Pal. If you wish to receive patterns at a different email address please send us an email prior to ordering, so we can get them sent to the right address the first time.

  • Patterns are sent in PDF format (PDF files open in a PDF Reader program) via email only, no printed hardcopies. If you really want hardcopies printed and cannot do this yourself at home or a friend or office supply store, library etc. contact us and we cant work something out BEFORE you place your order. We can invoice you the cost including postage and printing fees.

  • Credit card orders through Pay Pal don't require a Pay Pal account. Simply click the buttons for your pattern selections and once you proceed to the checkout choose "Pay by credit card".

  •  Cheques & Money Order information: We are no longer accepting Personal Cheques or Money Orders. They have been becoming increasingly harder and or impossible for us to cash. With the only exception of Canadian postal money orders. (email us for information if wanting to pay this way)



Do we take washcloth pattern requests?!


If you are looking for a certain pattern and do not see it feel free to ask for a special request.


  • Because requests take us away from our current projects: We charge $5 for requests in chart form, $8 to have it type up & $15 for personalized patterns that will more than likely not be of interest to anyone else. Per pattern request, no discount on multiples as each one will take the same amount of time or more to create .


  • We are also not always open to taking requests, it really depends on what is being requested and if we have to time to be able to do so. Summertime is usually not a good time. Family life is always busier that time of year.


  • Everything we have available is already on our website. If you don't see it there we don't have it. So if you want it give us a shout and see if it is possible. Keep in mind  not everything will fit on a washcloth due to detail and size. And generally we do not take requests for anything larger than that.



Absolutely! Anything you knit from our patterns you can sell for yourself our fundraising. All we ask is:


  •     Give credit where credit is due/possible. Letting others know where the pattern comes from helps us greatly!


  •     Do not copy, share or sell the pattern itself.


  •     And lastly.. Enjoy!! It's your yarn and your talent of knitting that has created that item, we just helped      with instructions!




You have placed your order and you hear nothing back! Patterns ordered from our site are NOT instant downloads, we receieve a notification from PayPal and then we reply sending the patterns usually within a few minutes to a few hours.

Reasons you won't get your patterns via email:

  • Email address given to paypal hasn't been updated to your current email.

  • Your email is blocking incoming emails from our address because of attachment, unknown address etc. Remember if we cannot email you because of spam folders etc we also cannot email you to tell you your order we sent out was rejected or marked as undeliverable.

  • We haven't received notification of your order. This does happen, it's rare but does happen.

  • Your order was sent later in the evening, when we have stopped checking emails for the night. We will get your order in the morning and send the patterns out right away.

  • We might not be home. There are days or a even weekend we might be away from home and unable to reply to incoming orders/emails.


  • Also life happens, suppertime, family time, work, creating, designing, knitting etc. We do not sit at the computer all day waiting for emails so please be kind and please be patient. As soon as we get your order we fill it right away! We don't want you to wait any more than you want to wait, so we check in as often as humanly possible :)



If you haven't received your patterns within 24 to 48 hrs of your order make sure:


  •     You have a valid email provided to PayPal


  •     Your spam/bulk/junk folder isn't set to block us


  •     Add us into your contact list or safe sender list


THEN EMAIL US!!! let us know. We are usually pretty quick to respond to orders. Most within minutes to a few hours of order being placed. So if you haven't received yours please email us and we will fix it right away.

Are Refunds Available?!


No, we do not issue refunds. Due to the nature of PDF downloads, we do not offer refunds on digital purchases. You can't "return" a digital file. There are times of course refunds ARE issued:


  • You email us before patterns are sent to cancel the order.


  • Mistaken double purchase during ordering. When we see this we give the option of a refund or choosing another pattern.


  • When ordering from Raverly we get charged a fee for sales, we do no get reimbursed that fee if pattern gets refunded.


  • *NEW* …. Every sale we get, PayPal collects fees from it. As of May 19th/2020 Paypal will be updating their refund policy and will not be returning those fees collected during original sale. So any refunds issued will be amount paid minus any fees, you will not get a 100% refund.