Window Panes Mittens

with matching Hat

4.5mm double pointed needles
5mm double pointed needles

Worsted Weight Yarn     A= Main Color    B= Contrast Color

Cast on 36sts, using color A.

  K1,p1 for 32 rounds.
  On next round increase 12sts evenly (every 3sts) (48sts total)
  Purl 2 rnds of Color A


  K2 sts with B, slip 2 of A continue to end
  Do this for 4 rnds in all.
  Using color A, knit 1 rnd, purl 2 rnds.
  This completes pattern.

Do 4 patterns to thumb.
  Stopping after 4th round in k2, slip2.
  K 1 rnd of color A.
  Next row using A, p2 sts, slip 10sts to holder, cast on 10sts purl to end.
  Purl 1 row with A
  Do 6 to 7 more rounds
  Ending with 2 purl rounds.

Decrease Rounds:

Using A knit 1 round
Next row: *p1, p2tog*, repeat from *to* end.
Purl 1 round.


  Do 4 rnds of k2 p2
  Knit 1 round with A
  P2tog to end of round.
  Purl 1, p2tog to end of round.
  Take off, thread yarn through remaining sts, and draw up.


  Slip 10 sts from holder onto 1st needle, using A pick up 5sts onto 2nd needle, and 5sts      with 3rd needle. Using the needle with 10sts as your starting point.
  Purl 2 rounds.
  Next rnd: Slip 2sts of A, knit 2 sts with B, continue to end of rnd.
  Do 4rounds in all.
  Knit 1 round with A
  Purl 2 round with A
  Do 4 to 5 pattens ending with a slip 2 knit 2.
  Next round: k1 row of A,
  Purl 1 round of A
  Using A p2tog  to end.
  Break yarn and thread through remaining sts.

Darn in all ends.

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