Corrections have been made to the following patterns.



 Pattern Name


 I Can't Believe It Was So Quick Mittens

 Nov 15/2020

Poinsettia Fingertip Towel

 Nov 20/2020

Dog Lovers Socks

Jan 8/2021

Home Is Where The Heart Is washcloth

Jan 23/2021

Camping Washcloth

Jan 23/2021

Nope Not Today Washcloth

Jan 29/2021

Heartbeat Washcloth

Feb 5th/2021

Anti Depressant Cat

Feb 22nd/2021

Spring Washcloth

April 5th/2021

Pig Washcloth

April 8th/2021

Walker -TWD Wascloth

April 23rd/2021

Swan Washcloth

June 16th/2022

Nativity Hand Towel

June 26th/2022

Forest Gnome (knitted toy/d├ęcor)

Dec 11/2022



Errata Page

If you have purchased a pattern and come across an error or a typo, and do not see the correction here please send us an email to so we can solve the issue and update the pattern. Not all mistakes get are brought to our attention so even patterns 20yrs old have been found to have a typo! Please don't hesitate to let us know. Also you can request a new copy to update yours!

Lisa & Alli