Diva Steering Wheel Cover

Are you looking for ways to use up your left over balls of hairy yarns after the craze of the eyelash scarves? This is a great yarn busting project that saves your hands from the chill of a freezing cold steering wheel in winter! Use any combination of yarns, no gauge necessary. Get creative with fuzzy, hairy, shiny and/or metallic yarns. These make great stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, NEW CAR accessory or just a fun surprise!

Size: For ALL steering wheel Sizes, easily adjustable


    Yarn (1 skein each)
        1 skein Fun Fur, 1 skein Fun Fur Prints, 1 skein Bernat Boa

    Knitting needles in size 10 US (5.75 mm)
    2 lengths of Elastic Cord (type used for Hoodies with plastic thingie to secure it)
    The circumference measurement of your steering wheel
    Large eye darning needle

With all 3 strands of yarns held together, cast on 15 sts or 20 for an extra thick wheel.


Knit every row until piece measures 1 inch shorter than the circumference of your steering wheel. This will make quite a nice thick fabric with a bit of stretch but very tight.

When you have reached the appropriate measurement less 1 inch try it on the steering wheel to make sure it will stretch around but it but is nice and tight. You don’t want it to slip while driving, this is very dangerous. It must be fairly tight but not stretched so tight that it won’t cover around the wheel once the elastic is threaded through.

Cast off loosely and firmly sew the 2 ends together to form a circle.

Thread the elastic cord through a large eye darning needle and weave it in and out along the edge of one side of the work and pass both the ends through the plastic thingy.

Repeat with 2nd elastic cord on the other side.

Voila! You now have Bling Bling for your car! Simply arrange it around the wheel and tighten the elastic cords, securing them with the plastic thingy. Now you can cruise down around town!