Airplane Washcloth

Materials: 1 ball of  worsted weight cotton
                  Size 5 mm knitting needles
   Cast on 47 sts
Rows 1 - 6: (k1, p1) across to last stitch, k1.
Rows 7, 9, 11 & 13: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, k37, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Rows 8, 10 & 12: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, p37, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 14: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, p13, k4, p3, k4, p13, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 15: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, k14, p9, k14, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 16: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, p15, k7, p15, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 17: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, k16, p5, k16, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 18: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, p17, k3, p17, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 19: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, k17, p3, k17, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Rows 20 & 22: Repeat Row 18.
Row 21: Repeat Row 19.
Row 23 & 25: Repeat Row 17.
Rows 24 & 26: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, p16, k5, p16, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 27: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, k3, p4, k9, p5, k9, p4, k3, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 28: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, p4, k5, p6, k7, p6, k5, p4, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 29: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, k5, p6, k4, p7, k4, p6, k5, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 30: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, p6, k7, p2, k7, p2, k7, p6, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 31: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, k6, p25, k6, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 32: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, p6, k25, p6, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 33: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, k6, p2, k1, p19, k1, p2, k6, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 34: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, p6, k2, p2, k17, p2, k2, p6, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 35: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, k11, p15, k11, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 36: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, p11, k15, p11, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 37: Repeat Row 35.
Row 38: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, p11, k2, p1, k9, p1, k2, p11, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Row 39: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, k11, p2, k2, p7, k2, p2, k11, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Rows 40, 42, 44, 46 & 48: Repeat Row 24.
Rows 41, 43, 45 & 47: Repeat Row 17.
Row 49: Repeat Row 19.
Row 50: Repeat Row 18.
Row 51: (k1, p1) 2x, k1, k18, p1, k18, (k1, p1) 2x, k1.
Rows 52, 54, 56 & 58: Repeat Row 8.
Rows 53, 55 & 57: Repeat Row 7.
Rows 59-64: Repeat Rows 1-6.

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